Wallingford Road, Goring Consultation

These pages have been prepared in relation to the allocated development site at Wallingford Road, Goring in advance of the submission of a planning application for development on the site. The pages which follow provide an overview of the site and a summary of the work that has been undertaken to develop development proposals for the site. Each of the following pages will provide information in relation to the site, the work undertaken and the Development proposals and will include an opportunity to comment and provide feedback.

The consultation relates to a site located on rising ground to the north of the settlement of Goring on Thames. The site has built development on three sides (east, west and south) in the form of other residential properties and Thames Water development. The northern boundary is to open countryside and the rising land levels to the north of the site provide an effective screen to the application site upon approach to the village from the north. The boundaries, west, south and east, are all formed of existing hedgerows of varying quality however, due to the agricultural nature the interior of the site is open and devoid of any trees or hedgerows.

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